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(01/12/2019) The Law acted as substitute until Christ came. Galatians 3:23-29
Immanuel International Church New Delhi

(01/12/2019) The Law acted as substitute until Christ came. Galatians 3:23-29

The place of the law before Christ came. 1. The Law is the imprisoned everyone v.23 2. The Law acted as our guardian v.24 3. But now we’re no longer under a guardian. V.25 4. In Christ we have become sons of God V.26-27 (through Baptism – which is a sign, symbol of putting our faith in Christ alone for salvation) 5. There is no race, gender, nationality, all are one in Christ Jesus. V.28 6. Sons of Abraham (heirs) according to promise. V.29 What does it mean to us now, since Christ has come? In Christ – we are blessed, now. a) We’re no longer held captive under the law – we’re free b) We're no longer under a supervision – Christ leads us now as our leader and guide. c) We’re justified by faith – we're made righteous by Christ righteousness. d) Sons of God – we have a closer relationship with God as He becomes our Father and we his sons. e) Offspring of Abraham, heirs – according to promise (all the blessings promised to Abraham becomes ours (those who put their faith, belief in Jesus Christ). Application: Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Live and walk with Christ. Hold on to all the promises of God in Christ. Whatever good things you do, do out of faith and thanksgiving, as an act of praise and worship to God. You and I cannot hold or sustain ourselves in this world, but Christ can sustain us, not only in this world and life, but unto eternity, to everlasting life.
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